Hi welcome to local people’s ads. This website has been developed to promote businesses in Hull, the East Riding of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. 

The award winning Asian fusion restaurant, woksoever of Cottingham, supports this website. Woksoever’s site averages about 60000 hits per year, this exposure and the cumulative exposure of all other advertisers will ensure extensive and expanding coverage and marketing opportunities. 

Local advertising exists, in print form, listing company names and contact details. This site however wants to provide more space for pictures, descriptions and promotional material.  A google map is included on your page, if you require it. You can also embed your facebook site, Instagram or any other social media platforms, see ( https://localpeopleads.co.uk/eating-drinking/ponti ) allowing you to regularly update content on the site.

The site should be of use to small businesses  unable to afford a full website and its upkeep. Even website owners would benefit from links to their sites from ‘local people’.

Local People has been designed to be affordable. One years subscription costs only £84 inc. VAT. That is serious advertising for £1.50 per week. A number of changes and promotional ‘call outs’ are included in the price. However other addons can be purchased if required. See info page

The site is accessible on all platforms: Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android phones and tablets. It is therefore always available, at hand and easy to search on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

This site is developed, hosted and managed by LearningAid Ltd who are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998

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